A review of american history x an american crime drama movie by tony kaye

For example, how does his harping about "personal responsibility" square with his belief in judging people for factors beyond their control, like their race.

Roberto Benigni took home the trophy for Life is Beautiful.

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The material he supplies allows Edward Norton to shine and give an Oscar-worthy performance. The root of the problem probably lies in the conception. Norton is a great actor with limited range in my opinion but when he finds a good role he embraces it and makes it timeless.

But is was good and not for kids.

American History X and Tony Kaye, Hollywood Maverick

Mad at society, white people, God. A happy ending would have been better in this instance. The studio allegedly called a meeting to hash things out with the distraught director, who showed up with a rabbi, a priest, and a monk to try to smooth things over. He would have played Private Ryan Matt Damon got the part instead.

After being raped and humiliated by one of his own men, Derek is visited by Dr. Scenes showing the hate crimes committed by the gang members emphasize the ugliness of this group.

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In addition to these well-planned narrative strokes, the visual vocabulary of American History X is also increasingly strong as the picture continues. The movie takes great pains to show how articulate the younger Derek is when he justifies his hatred of blacks by citing the statistics of black crime.

Outside of those two people, everything else is speculation. Derek's younger brother Danny Edward Furlong is spending the same morning defending to his high-school principal the truth and validity of his recent book report, which asserts Hitler's Mein Kampf as a civil rights manifesto.

Another problem is the ending which is moving, but it was obviously set up and I personally did not like it as it felt forced to me. But the direction should have been better and a more professional director would have made a difference definitely. Little does he realize his attitude of purity and adherence to philosophy gets him nowhere here.

Kaye was unsatisfied with the final cut of the movie, so he tried to use Alan Smithee, the official pseudonym coined in and discontinued in for directors looking to disown their projects, in the credits. Derek realized the errors to his ways and began to transform his life while in prison.

American History X

I find it overrated and definitely not deserving of an Oscar nomination. Seen in hindsight as a skin-headed, muscle-bound pit bull with a giant swastika tattooed over his heart, Derek is the self-appointed general of a spontaneous turf war on the Venice Beach basketball courts, in which he and his white cohorts play a pumped-up group of black residents.

Here, he comes home to his family together after he is released from a 3-year stint in prison to find the family is in disarray and his younger brother is walking the same path that led to his incarceration.

Anonymous I agree with the comments regarding the positive message of this movie, but I feel that the language, extreme violence, nudity and sexual situations is inappropriate material for Christians to be viewing.

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Oct 30,  · American History X is purely brilliant. It dispels and breaks down racism and prejudice without bashing it. Finally, a film that can convey a willingness to open oneself to new ideas, without writing off certain beliefs as taboo or evil.

I can't say it doesn't take any side, but it certainly American History X is purely brilliant. It dispels and breaks down racism and prejudice without bashing it%(32). turnonepoundintoonemillion.com Perhaps the highest compliment you can pay to Edward Norton is that his Oscar-nominated performance in American History X nearly convinces you that there is a shred of logic in the tenets of white supremacy.

If that statement doesn't horrify you, it should; Norton is so fully immersed in his role as a neo-Nazi skinhead that his character's eloquent defense of racism is disturbingly Reviews: Nov 20,  · American History X () R | min | Crime, Drama.

A former neo-nazi skinhead tries to prevent his younger brother from going down the same wrong path that he did. 16 August | MovieWeb A Real Robot Will Take the Lead in Director Tony Kaye's New Movie.

See all news. User Polls. Best films about remorse and /10(K). American History X is an English movie released on 20 November, The movie is directed by Tony Kaye and featured Edward Norton, Edward Furlong and Beverly D Angelo as lead characters.

THE MOVIE: Tony Kaye's pro-teacher drama Detachment certainly strikes at something pertinent to the times we live in. Barely a week out from the first Presidential debate in the election, where Barack Obama laid out his desire to hire a megaton of new teachers to get the U.S.


educational system back on track, it's hard to say if the American History X director's film makes for an argument. American History X movie reviews & Metacritic score: A groundbreaking controversial drama about the tragic consequences of racism in a family. Review this Movie. Unbelievable film.

great acting performance by ed norton and genius directing by tony kaye, although he didn't feel he was able to make it exactly how he wanted it in the .

A review of american history x an american crime drama movie by tony kaye
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